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Foggyou fog generators come with fog canisters — Foggyou-Again. It is advised that Foggyou-Again canisters to be replaced within 24 months of manufacturing date. We can guarantee that all canisters bought from us will have at least 18 months to the recommended replacement date.
Yes, it is relatively easy to install, and there’re also instructions included in the manual for easy reference. Our team has even created a video tutorial for you to refer.
The fog is an aerosol of a variety of small particles mixed with water molecules. It is not harmful to pets, children and plants. It does not contain any harmful substances and will not leave any residue on furniture after activation.
As with most smart home security alarms, the role of these devices are limited to passive security and monitoring. Foggyou is a device that upon activation, immediately serves to protect the property and deter theft, and increases the security of your home or office space.
Foggyou devices are a cost-effective investment to safeguard your premises with proactive security. It is a practical, low-maintenance device designed to deter theft in the event of break-ins!
We’re recognized by most of the counties all over the world, we have obtained:
  1. Toxicity test Passed from China NingBo Customs  District Technology Center
  2. Smoke composition test from Intertek
  3. ROSH test from Intertek
  4. US FDA test (Material in Contact with Food Articles) PASS
  5. ECM certification
  6. FCC 47 CFR 15 Subpart B standard TEST PASS
Foggyou is slightly larger than your average can of coke and weighs about 1.3kg. It is an efficient device that requires very low power to fire its contents. In 20 seconds or less, the fog covers an area of 150m³, which is about 1,600 square feet of space.
Foggyou is not cheap; it’s tremendous value. We believe that everyone deserves to be protected and so have made every effort to keep costs down and pricing low.

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