Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme

Protect your retail shop with a fog cannon

If you run a small retail business you may be eligible for a $4,000 subsidy to get a fog cannon installed.

Fog cannons can fill a shop with dense fog in seconds, stopping criminals from seeing what’s going on and preventing further damage or theft.

Foggyou and A-Z Fog Cannon Solutions can help you with your subsidy application:

Under the scheme and at no cost to you, A-Z Fog Cannon Solutions will:

  • Guide you through the process
  • Assess your premises
  • Work with a suitable local contractor to fit fog cannons
  • Advise on your safety and fog cannon application
  • Follow up with you

There are no ongoing maintenance contract or requirements for Foggyou Fog Cannons.

*Fog Cannon cartridges are advised to be replaced two years following manufacture.

**9v batteries for backup power advised to be changed 12 monthly.

Police and MBIE authorised national fog cannon supplier under the government subsidy scheme, backed by Foggyou NZ.

Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme (FCSS)

A-Z Fog Cannon Solutions

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