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Foggyou - Fog Cannon (DIY Kit)

Foggyou what?
Foggyou is a free-standing fog cannon that is a security device in its own class. Strategically fix it to a wall in a space you want to protect!

Fast Fogging Speed

When the cannon fires, thick white smoke will fill a room of 1,600 square feet in about 20 seconds. The non-toxic, food grade fog is super dense and bad guys will be promptly blinded, with their only option to flee the scene (either that or stay still and get caught!).

Up to 150m³ of fog in 20 seconds

Non-toxic & biodegradable

Compact but powerful

The Foggyou is a precision-manufactured high quality unit that weighs approximately 650 grams and is slightly larger than a standard 330ml can of coke.

Simple, Reliable, Reusable

Trigger Options.
Back-up Battery.
Reload & Refill.

The Foggyou is triggered either by a remote control or by a self-fitted pre-positioned hardwired back-up button. The non-corrosive fog dissipates within approximately 60 minutes and the Foggyou can be reloaded with a new cartridge known as a Foggyou-again.

The device has a self-contained back-battery in the event that the mains power supply fails or is tampered with. Users can prevent accidental firing by using the remote with a safety switch, however bear in mind that the hardwired back-up button is always live.

Low Power Consumption

The energy required to fire the cannon is very low and the constitute chemicals used are widely available.

(A) ≤1A, 12V


Foggyou is certified for sale many countries.

New Zealand
United Kingdom
and more

Foggyou - Fog Cannon (DIY Kit)


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Tech Specs
  • Dimension (mm): 340×195×100
  • Operation temperature: -40°C~60°C
  • Weight (kg): Foggyou Body 0.9, Foggyou Bracket 0.4, Total 1.3
  • Fog vent hole: 1
  • Angle: Pan Range: 0~360°, Tilt Range: -50°~+50
  • Start power supply: DC9V 2A
  • Fogging time: ≥18second
  • Starting time: 0.01s
  • Applicable space: 150-200 m3
  • Full filling time: 15s
  • Standby power: 0.5W
  • Fog lasting: >60mins
What’s in the Box
  • Fog cannon
  • Canister
  • Remote control
  • Power adapter
  • Assembling screwdriver and screws
  • Manual
  • Foggyou stickers
  • Warning stickers

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